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Chinese Art Expert --Dr. Wei Yang

Dr. Wei Yang, 2014

Our objective is to assist our clients and finders of fact in understanding complex artistic issues in the most comprehensible manner.

We serve with integrity, competence & objectivity. WEI YANG ART provides expert witness services to litigation that concerns Chinese art, especially antique Chinese painting & calligraphy on silk and paper. We offer consulting services to clients who wish to understand Chinese art traditions, painting techniques & cultural aesthetics. As accredited senior appraiser of appraisal review and management, we possess the skill to analyze an appraisal report and offer assistance with letigation strategies. Whether serving as an expert consultant, appraisal reviewer or expert witness, we write report, give deposition or testify in court in compliance with highest professional and ethical standards.

We ONLY accept assignments that match our expertise (Chinese Art). We take pride in only offering honest, unbiased and objective expert opinions. We are 100% independent.

We are committed to serve to the best of our abilities. We are responsive, diligent and ethical. We listen to your needs and the nature of your litigation, assess the suitability of our expertise, and disclose possible conflicts of interest if any beofore agreeing to serve as an expert witness.

Our Expert Witness Services Include:

American Society of Appraisers

Acceredited Senior Appraiser of Asian Art (ASA) & Appraisal Review and Management (ARM-PP)

Dr. Wei Yang is:

  • A highly trained art professional. Wei Yang received a B.A. in art history in 1997 and a M.A. in Asian Art in 1998 from Smith College, MA. She earned a Ph.D. degree in Chinese Art and Tibetan Art from Northwestern University, IL, in 2005, a Certificate of fine Art and Decorative Art Appraisal from Pratt Institute, NY, in 2009, a Certificate of Chinese Painting Mounting & Restoration from Shangdong Fine Art Mounting Academy, China, in 2011. In 2010, Yang was designated by American Society of Appraisers as an Acceredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) of Asian Art. In 2017, she earned her 2nd ASA designation in Appraisal Review and Management (ARM-PP), a professional qualification for judging the quality of appraisals prepared by other appraisers with objectivity.
  • The author of "Wei Yang's Guide to Chinese Painting and Calligraphy (Premodern)" (2 vols, forthcoming 2020), a comprehensive reference book for Chinese art professionals, including appraisers.  She plans to write three books (painting, ceramics and jade) on Chinese art connoisseurship, evaluation standards and methodologies. Dr. Yang is curently finishing her second book, "Wei Yang's Guide to Chinese Ceramics."
  • An independent Chinese art historian. Her research interests include authenticity and connoisseurship of Chinese painting and calligraphy, art laws and auction market economics.
  • An dedicated art teacher. Teaching Chinese art has been the major part of Dr. Yang's professional life since 1980s. She is able to explain the sophisticated Chinese art traditions, painting techniques, important schools & movements, signature features of leading artists and their works in a plain language that is comprehensible to everybody.
  • An art historian with integrity. Dr. Yang values quality, honesty and objectivity in providing professional services. She holds highest standards for researching & preparing any written reports. She insists on expressing professional opinion based on facts and evidence.
  • A diligent Chinese art specialist with sharp analytical skills. Dr. Yang is initiative in analyzing difficult cases or situations, efficient in identifying problems, and thorough in forming strategies & solutions.
  • An art professional who values self-discipline in career advancement. To deseve the designation of "An Accredited Senior Appraiser of Asian art" from American Society of Appraisers, Dr. Yang has been engaging herself in a vigrous self-training program on Asian art. Although she has slowly expanded her expertise from Chinese art to Japanese art and some aspects of Asian art, she is always ready to disclose her limited expertise on some forms of Asian art.
  • A professionally trained art researcher with a set of specialized skills. Dr. Yang speaks and reads a few important Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, some Tibetan, etc), allowing her to conduct research in the Asian contexts. Dr. Yang considers reading and understanding some Asian languages and their classical scripts a crucial qualification for an Asian art specialist.
  • An organized and detail-oriented art inspector. Dr. Yang examines value features of an art object (originality, rarity, quality, medium, technique, condition & visual appeal) with great care and documents them with great accuracy. Her professional opinions are based on evidence and facts.
  • An art professional who serves with clearly defined expertise. Dr. Yang offers litigation supports, deposition and in-court testimony ONLY on Chinese art.

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