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We strive to provide quality Asian art appraisal service at an affordabble rate. To meet the different needs of Chinese art owners, we offer different Appraisal reporting options and consultation services. We work hard to provide you with a realistic value estimate and help you make an informed decision. We work closely with our clients at all stages of Asian art consulting & appraisal.

Our Asian art consulting appraisal services follow five steps:

Step 1: Preliminary Assessment: In the form of Preview, we study your property's suitability for appraisal. We listen carefully to your concerns and needs via e-mail or phone conversations. After examining the photos of your art work, we either recommned for or against an appraisal based on our findings. If your art work is valuable or marketable and you wish to proceed with an appraisal, we make a cost proposal for your consideration, and follow up with an engagement letter if the assignment advances forward.

Step 2: Engagement Letter/Agreement: With your approval of our appraisal proposal in the form of an engagement letter, we request a retainer and a signed copy of the engagement letter to confirm your appraisal commitment. We prefer personal check or money order made out to Wei Yang Art LLC and mail it to 274 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540, U.S. Wire transfer is available upon request.

Step 3: Inspection: If an in-person inspection is necessary, to cut down the cost, we prefer an inspection in our office in Princeton, NJ. Travel for inspection is possible, if you have a sizable collection of high quality. An interview on provenance is part of the inspection. Please come to your inspection appointment prepared, have all your provenance evidence (photos, invoices, receipts, previous owner's notes etc) ready for review.

Step 4: Research: Our appraisal research covers both historical and artistic contents. We investigate and analyze marketplaces that are relevant to your property. We rank your property among its equals in originality, quality, condition, age, authorship and visual appeal to form the base for the value reconciliation. We analyze similarities and differences between your art work and its comparables before arriving at a value conclusion that is appropriate for your property. We comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) in reporting our findings. We conform to the Code of Ethics of the American Society of Appraisers in practice.

Step 5: Completion: After the appraisal is completed, we inform you via email and ask for the final payment. After your payment is cleared, we send you a hard copy of the appraisal report via USPS priority mail.

A Customized Consultation Appraisal is available upon request. Only Asian art objects of very high quality or a collection of qulaity art works merit this service. Relevant issues, ranging from inspection, location of inspection to fee structures, are discussed in our email or phone correspondence. The appraisal cost is determined by the scope of work necessary to complete the assignment that meets your needs. In other words, the more information you request, the more expensive an appraisal is.


-Not Every Property Merits a Full Appraisal

No matter what you do with your art work, understanding what you have should be the top priority. Seeking advice from qualified art professional is a necessity. If you possess solid information and formulate an educated strategy to determine for appraisal or not, you will achieve your goals with a clear vision at the minimum cost.

Selling an art work can be a big headache. Without consulting a qualified art expert, having a property for sale may not be the best solution, since you don't need an appraisal to sell. However, a Restricted Appraisal (USPAP-Identification) is helpful, if you need some professional guidance or some marketing strategies from a professional. Consulting a qualified expert for advice on the suitability of your property for appraisal is wise.

An Appraisal for Sale may not serve you well if you wish to engage the services of a reputable auction house via consignment. Major auction houses, such as Christie's and Sotheby's etc., all have their own house experts or appraisers to assess the marketability of an art work. They may not be interested in reading your appraisal prepared by a third party, a waste of your investment. Therefore, investing wisely in an appraisal will cut down the marketing cost.

Using an appraisal to break the ice may work under certain circumstances , if the representing auction house is weak in the Asian art expertise. An appraisal will help you and your agent understand what you have and its most active marketplace, but not always makes sense when it is rejected flat by an auction house. Unfortunately, even the best appraisal prepared by the most qualified expert appraiser may not guarantee you a consignment agreement or successful sale, because the art world is sophisticated, and the Asian art expertise is too complicated to explain the rejection.

Let "Qualified" art expert to help you. Almost everybody finds it difficult to initiate a sale. A lot of art owners have no clue what they have and where to start. Many people begin by contacting famous auction houses, such as Christie's and Sotheby's, but very few receive a helpful response, sometimes, no word at all. Others spend hours and hours on the internet without any concrete results. Many owners end the trying of selling the art object on their own, since it costs them too much time, energy and emotion. Is it too hard to find a new home for my art work? Where can I find somebody who can guide me through the process? Is my art work worth the time I spend on investigation? Is my art work worth the investment in an appraisal by an art professional? Do these frustrations sound familiar to you? If you agree, engaging the services of a professional art appraiser is the solution.

-Dr. Wei Yang and Her team of Experts take pride in providing the best appraisal services

WEI YANG ART, LLC is a professional Asian Art Consulting and Appraisal Firm located in Princeton, NJ, USA. We provide Asian art owners with the information they need, the services they desire, and the advice they seek from an art professional at the minimum cost. We follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) in reporting our findings. We comply with the code of ethics for appraisers in our practice. We serve with integrity, competence and objectivity.

We deliver appraisal review reports that stand for Relevance, Accuracy and Reliability, Adequacy and Completeness, Consistency, Cohenrence and Balance, Clarity.

Wei Yang, Ph.D. in Chinese Art is an Accredited Senior Review Appraiser in Personal Property (ARM) designated by Americal Society of Appraisers. With a specialty designation of Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in Asian Art, Dr. Yang accepts appraisal and appraisal review assignments on Asian art and art-related personal property. She has performed appraisal reviews for insurance damage settlement, claim arbitration appraisal, and taxation litigation.

We aim to provide you with quality professional Chinese art consultation and Asian art appraisal services at a cost you can afford.

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