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Why Preview

A preview aims to make our Asian art consulting & appraisal services accessible and affordable. As independent art consultants and appraisers, we work very hard in the hope that we can make a difference in the art community.

We strive to be friendly, helpful and generous, but we have our limits. We can no longer attend to inquires without being compensated for our time. Everyday, we are overloaded with a large volume of inquiries for identification of an art work and its value. Could you tell me what I have? Is my art work authentic or valuable? Can you tell me the value of my art work? Can you tell me where and how to sell my art? A quick response to this kind of questions is usually not possible, since each art work is unique, calling for different approaches and solutions, including some preliminary research.

We understand your concerns about the cost for professional services. We offer preview to give you the needed information at the minimum cost. First, a preview allows you to benefit from our expertise at a price you can afford. Second, our preview comments authored by Dr. Wei Yang allow you to make an informed decision based on what you have and your options.

Merits of Preview

Practical: Preview verifies the suitability of your property for appraisal and eliminates the unnecessary cost for further professional services.

Cost-Effective: Preview grants you the most cost-effective approach to the valuation of your artwork by a qualified Asian art specialist.

Efficient: Preview allows you to work directly with a team of independent Asian art specialists with unmatched qualifications and professional integrity.

Valuable: Preview gives you the crucial information at a fraction of the appraisal cost.

How to Order Preview

Before you request a preview, please understand the preliminary nature of our preview service. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data provided by you and your photos based on which we form our opinions.

Step 1: Make the payment via PayPal by following the link below, or issue a check made out to "Wei Yang Art, LLC" and mail it to 274 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.


Preview My Art Work



Step 2: Identify your appraisal need (sale, insurance, consultation or tax, etc.), summarize the provenance (history of ownership), and report the condition (good, fair or poor, describe the damage if any) of your property.

Step 3: Submit 3 or 4 photos of the property (front, back, top, bottom, inscription or mark, etc.) as email attachments. Please consult Photo Instructions before you send photos. Please do NOT include photos in the email body, since this delivery method would limit our ability to examine the details of your property, based on which we form our opinions.

Ready for a Preview? Send Photos to Dr. Yang

After receiving your photos and preview fee, we will send our comments via email in 3 business days (or 72 hours). Faster services are available upon request. The preview fee will be credited toward the final appraisal fee if you proceed with an appraisal later. If we are unable to help you, we will issue a full refund.

If you don't hear from us after 3 days, please Contact Us immediately.

Post Preview

We serve with professional integrity. If your property merits an appraisal, we will discuss your appraisal need, identify type of value, offer inspection options, and propose a suitable type of appraisal for your consideration. Once you approve our draft appraisal proposal, we will follow up with a formal engagement letter for your signature. We will never ask you to pay for services that are unnecessary. 

We appraise in compliance with high appraisal standards. We follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) in reporting our findings. We conduct diligent research on your property and rest our value conclusion on a careful assessment of your property in terms of originality, rarity, quality, condition, age and marketability. We analyze the performance of qualified comparables at their most appropriate marketplaces before proposing feasible solutions.

Preview Defined

A preview is NOT an online appraisal. Our preview comments are our objective opinions on the suitability of your art work for appraisal. We don't comment on value without adequate research. Assigning a specific value to an art work is the content of an appraisal, which requires in-depth research & a proper assessment of the value indicators possessed by your property guided by appraisal methodologies.

A preview does NOT serve insurance and taxation purposes, since it is NOT an appraisal. If you need an appraisal for insurance (coverage and claim) and taxation (income, estate, or capital gains, charitable donation, etc) purposes, an appraisal report prepared by a qualified art appraiser would serve you in the end. We all know that defending an insufficiently supported value conclusion in court is very costly, and fixing a poorly prepared appraisal is equally complicated.

A preview is NOT an Authentication. We restrain ourselves from commenting on the originality of an art work unless the supporting evidence is strong. We may discuss the originality of your art work to support our opinions on its suitability for appraisal. However, our preview comments are for identification only, because they are based on photos and the given information without verification.

Authentication vs. Appraisal

 An appraiser is not an authenticator. If you are looking for authentication, please contact an authentication lab directly for assistance. For clarification, authentication and appraisal are two separate procedures performed by two different groups of professionals. Authentication is undertaken by a scientist or a designated authenticator via the channel of scientific verifications or an art historian based on the principles of stylistic analysis and provenance study. Appraisal is conducted by an appraiser by adopting appropriate appraisal methodologies and valuation principles.

We don't offer authentication services. Our comments on originality are our objective professional opinions and conclusions based on the given information. In order to determine the suitability of your property for appraisal, we may conduct a stylisic analysis of your art work and its originality. While assessing the marketability of your art work, we may take into account the property's level of originality to form our valuation opinions. In reporting our findings, we may or may not discuss the issue of authenticity, depending on the intended use of the appraisal. However, our comments on originality do not serve as a certificate of authenticity.

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