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"I just finished reading the report and I want to say that it is superlative. It is such an unbelievable appraisal, I cannot believe how good it is. You found out the Artist XXX, that must of been really hard work and impossible to recover that information. ... In short, Thank You so much for a truly Amazing appraisal. Knowing the History and Symbolism of these Artworks makes them all the more valuable. I find your work truly amazing and unmatched; meaning No one else can do what you did, no one else can uncover the earth to find the true history like you did."
-Jack M. NJ

"I wish there was a more fitting way to express my gratitude to you for your expert opinion. It helps us, as a family, put this issue aside with reassurance we are not neglecting or over valuing a family heirloom. .....again my thanks for your time and attention to this collection."
-Dick G. MN

" I received your thorough and excellent appraisal of the painting. I truly appreciate all the time and effort you took, for it is the best appraisal I have ever seen. I of course knew of Princeton by its reputation; this is an example of its excellent scholarship as well."
- Ronald S. NY

"Your entire approach is very engaging and intriguing with a combination of enthusiasm for the works of art, level of expertise and desire to meet the needs of the clients. ... I have had a chance to read through your summary consultation a couple of times. It is professional, informative and very helpful. The scope of your work necessitates that I read it a few more times to truly understand all the nuances presented. I am very pleased that I engaged your services and would recommend you highly."
- E. Simmons, NY

" I received today your excellent, if somewhat deflating, analysis and appraisal report on my painting. Your conclusions were well supported and admirably clear. ...Thank you for your thorough efforts on our behalf; I feel great satisfaction in having sought your services, and wish you all the best success."
- A. Cleveland, VA

"I want to thank you for your effort in which is evident of your passion and expertise for the arts. Like your testimonials, I didn't know what to expect, but somehow knew that you were the one expert worth trusting. ... I never again have to seek a source for apprasial!"
- R. Mangello, WA

"I have received and read the appraisal report. I am very pleased with your professionalism throughtout the process. I would definately recomend your services to others. You are a credit to your trade."
- K. Nesensohn, NY

"I am very impressed with the work that you did and appreciate the professionalism. There is so much information that you provided it will take me time to understand more about the piece. I couldn't be more pleased with your work and want to extend my very best to you.

As far as the value is concerned, it has taken the burden from the situation of having to decide what to do with the artwork. If it would have proved to be very valuable, that would have provided a different set of circumstances. Now I can just enjoy it in my home."
- B. Cockrell, CA

"I just received the Appraisals in the mail. They are wonderfully prepared and presented. I had no doubt that your professionalism and passion would be evidently and compellingly laid out in every page. ... Wei, were an emperor's kingdom placed in my hand in exchange for the items, I would not count it more valuable than the riches of your grace and generous spirit."
- E. Kirwan, NJ

"I should not be surprised that a scholar of your stature did not take this opportunity to solicit business but rather replied as one might expect from a colleague. Still I want you to know it was appreciated and I shall take your advice and wait before coming back to you for an appraisal."
- M. Joyce, New York

"I have worked with other appraisers and I believe in your systematic approach that gets into extreme detail to analyze the presence of the art. ..I have found that you do exactly what you say you will do and are quite precise in emthodically completing the appraisal per the original objectives. I feel that I received not only what I expected but even more. ...Your reports are more than statistical, I have more understanding of the individual pieces of art than ever before and have grown to appreciate my collection more than ever. Thank you and your staff for such an outstanding job of appraisal"
- D. Rhoads, Florida

"My wife and I are very pleased with the quality as well as the content of your report. The extensive research you did on the painting is quite impressive. The choices of those comparable paintings for fair market value analysis in your report are excellent indeed. We particularly appreciate your views about the differences in style and quality between our painting and the comparable paintings. We are glad that we selected your appraisal service for our painting. Your efforts and time on this project are greatly appreciated."
- C.C. Shen, San Diego

"You are exactly the knowledgeable and honest person as others say in testimonials posted on your website. ... With your honest and frank opinion, I can now look at the artwork and continue to enjoy its beauty and not have to be burdened about its material worth."
- Thomas LIM, Australia

"My father and I are very lucky to have found such an exceptional person like you. Not only you are a professional in your field but also a caring person with a sense of integrity. As you have wisely noticed, the Chinese chest means a lot to us. Money is not always the answer to solve a problem, specially in our case. My parents are very disappointed with the way the insurance company is handling our situation. It would be an honor to meet with you in New York on our next trip."
- M. Bloch, FL

"Thank you very much for your response to my letter regarding my painting. Your comments are very helpful, because it provides me with a response to question about the painting. Knowing that it is almost certainly not an authentic painting means that I can enjoy it without concern for monetary value."
- A. Armfield, MN

"I am very happy working with you. Your kind words make clients like us feel very at ease and comfortable... "
- A Chinese Art Collector

"You are truly a kindred spirit and I appreciate your very kind and informative respnse...."
- A Desperate Art Owner

"First, I would like to let you know that how much I appreciate your time and efforts, by kindly helping the owner with your knowledge and speciality. ... Again, I'm truly thankful for all your efforts and hope our paths will cross in the future."
- A Grateful Art Agent

"Thank you so much for your time. Your honesty is immesely appreciated. It ends any speculation."
- W. Hoffmann, TX

"I had previously submitted this painting to Sotheby's in New York City for review and after a long four weeks, they replied that they did not have a professional Chinese painting appraiser on staff. Then I found Dr. Wei Yang, who ran a quick and thorough appraisal of my paintings in less than 24 hours after I emailed her all the details & digital pictures. The report she returned back to me detailed out the exact year of production, a biography of the painter and calligrapher, and a background history of the painting. She also listed the most current comparables market analyzed price for me based on the final auction bid of similar works from the same artist. I highly recommended her to anyone who needs a professional appraiser for your Chinese art object."
- K. Woo, New York City

"It was a totally wonderful experience working with you. I truly miss it. You are a very, very knowledgeable and professional person. I can't image any way for you to improve on your dealings with me as a client. Your concern with 'dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's' was perfectly amazing! The quality of your service, your responsiveness, and manner were above reproach!

The appraisal reports were very thorough. I had no idea what to expect, so I was duly impressed by your reports... I think it would be fun to get the Taoist piece appraised by someone else, without letting on that I know anything about it ... I'll bet the outcome would be a whole different experience! In short, I was very satisfied. For example, I was originally under the impression that perhaps the four weavings were as important as the Taoist piece, but with your appraisal, I understand much more about each item, and why the differences in value.

I am extremely pleased that I was lucky enough to find you on the intenet with my limited computer abilities. I can't come up with any constructive criticism at all regarding your performance. I am in awe of your talents. I have already boasted of your talents to others, and I would by all means recommend you very highly."
-T. Longhurst, FL

"I don't know how to thank you...I can see you spent so much time doing this for me and it took a lot of work. I don't know what to say, you went beyond what was necessary and gave me a lovely gift of this poetry. I am so thankful that you did because the poems are so beautiful. As beautiful as the fan itself. It was really very kind of you."
-J. Brooks, CA

"I would like to comment on Wei Yang's performance in providing us a report on the condition and history of several Chinese paintings. We believe the report itself was professionally done and of very high quality. It provided us all the information that Wei promised us and the information itself was detailed and very useful. We especially want to commend Wei's performance in responding to our inquiries. During the course of this report which took place over several months, my mother and I had many questions and Wei always responded to them promptly, courteously, and in a very professional manner. She also went the extra mile several times in providing us information beyond what we asked for. I would recommend Wei's services for anybody who is looking for a quality job on appraising Chinese paintings."
-R. Hanson, OH

"Your report about my Chinese Painting was indeed very interesting, informative, and answered many of my questions. I do not plan to sell any as I enjoy having them on my walls and my friends also think they are very special.... The names of the artists and the explanations of each painting fascinated me. I would love to greet you personally if you ever should be in the New England area. With much appreciation."
-Rose H., NH

"Let me, for the record, Wei, thank you for all that you’ve done in regard to the Tunstall Chinese painting project. It is truly a pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable, professional and personable. You answered all of my questions completely, my concerns with patience and thoughtfulness and my naiveté with some very welcome cautions. The final report was impeccably written, providing invaluable information not only to me, but to my family for generations to come. Thank you so much for your perseverance and patience! Seriously, Wei, working with you on this project has been more pleasurable than I had expected; thank you for your care and concern. May our paths cross again."
-R. McHaney, WA


-Practical, Cost-effective and Informative

Preview is intended to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue a proper appraisal. Preview aim to be practical, cost-effective, and informative.

Practical : Preview judges whether your property may be suitable for appraisal, since not every property is worth your expenditure and a professional’s extended research

Cost-Effective: Preview is relatively inexpensive and eliminates unnecessary costs for appraisal, provenance verification and market research

Informative: Preview offers the tentative judgment of an Asian art specialist about what kind of object you have and whether a proper appraisal would be worth the further expense.

-Identify Need, Send Photos and Pay for Preview ($50/item)

Step 1: Provide basic details about a) Your needs: Why are you ordering Preview (for sale, insurance, estate planning, taxation, etc.)? b) The provenance of the object (a short history of ownership), c) The condition of the property (good, fair, poor, describing damage, if any)

Step 2: Submit 3 or 4 photos of the property (front, back, top, bottom, close-ups of inscriptions or seals) via email attachment

Step 3: Make preview payment ($50 per item) to:, via PayPal; or mail a check payable to “Wei Yang Art, LLC” to 274 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.

The Preview fee will be credited to your account if you later proceed with an appraisal; if we are unable to provide a Preview, your fee will be refunded.

You will receive Preview comments within 3 business days (72 hours) except for requests made on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. If you fail to hear from us after 3 business days, please Contact Us at immediately.

Request Preview

Preview Comments Includes:
1) Identification & date of creation
2) A brief statement on market appreciation
3) Recommendations: no appraisal or for appraisal, depending on your needs

-Preliminary Preview Options

A Preview is NOT an Appraisal. Our preview comments represent our expert’s opinions on the suitability of your artwork for appraisal. A Preview does not state a price, price range, or value (e.g., Fair Market Value, Insurance Replacement Value). Assigning a specific value to an artwork (which is the goal of a proper appraisal) requires in-depth research, proper identification of value features possessed by a property, consideration of comparables, and use of other appraisal principles and methodologies.

A Preview does NOT meet the requirements for insurance and taxation documents . Information included in a Preview is not sufficient for insurance and taxation, which require a qualified appraisal.

A Preview is NOT a certificate of authenticity. Normally, we refrain from commenting on the originality of an artwork. Statements in a Preview cannot be considered as a certificate of authenticity.

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