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We mark our client's needs the top priority in our services. We are determined to give our clients the best services they deserve from professionals. We believe in education, self-study and hand-on experience. We also value the benefits of working with art professionals with specialized knowledge and skills. In order to give the best to our clients, we calll for a collective effort of art professionals who represent the highest standards of art services.

We are looking forward to teaming up with art professionals of all disciplines who share our passion, vision and standards in providing art-related services of the highest quality.

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1. Title: Wei Yang Asian Art Consulting & Appraisal.
2. Description: A Professional Asian Art Consulting & Appraisal Firm led by Dr. Wei Yang, a certified art appraiser with a Ph.D. in Chinese art and an Accredited Senior Appraiser of Asian Art designated by American Society of Appraisers.
3. URL: http://www.chineseartappraisal.com

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Qualified Asian Art Appraiser

We are qualified Asian art specialists with a Ph.D. in Chinese art and training in prestigious universities in the United States. Our Asian art consulting and appraisal services are based on our 30 years of professional experience with Asian art objects, doctoral training in Chinese art, history, and culture, and original published research in the field, our extensive research on Asian art, 10- year-hand-on experience as art appraiser. Our customized Asian art consulting and appraisal services are designed to meet your individual goals at the minimum cost. We fulfill our promise of serving our clients the best by giving them sound advice, educating them about what they have, and presenting to them their best option on achieving their individual goals.

We treat our clients with respect and transparency. Your goal is our goal. We are attentative to your needs and limitations. We offer feesible solutions suitable to your individual needs. We produce appraisal report that is carefully tailored to share with you not only a value conclusion report, but also critical information or issues relevant to your art work, what you need to know and how to achieve your goal with an insider's knowledge. A typical appraisal report identifies the origin of your property, date of creation, rank of the signed artist or workshop, value features and analysis of the property and its qualified comparables. Our market analysis and practical advice are particularly insightful.

We care about you and your art exclusively. We are independent art consultants and appraisers. We represent only you and not potential buyers. We are ethical and objective. We are happy to assist you with your art project at all levels.

Looking for Asian art specialists with integrity and credentials? Please Contact Us, or call us at (609) 688-6891.

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