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We are Asian art historians (Ph.D. in Chinese History, Ph.D. in Chinese art & Tibetan Art; M.A. in Buddhist Art) with integrity. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals at the minimum cost. We firmly believe that having an appraisal is not the only solution to your problem or needs. When you request an appraisal, we are not eager to solicit the assignment but willing to listen to your needs, concerns, plan and budget. Our job is to help you see your options before commissioning an appraisal. If an appraisal is in order, we will customize our services to serve you to the best of our abilities. Once we understand what you wish to accomplish, we will propose the most appropriate appraisal plan that suits you the best.

We are committed to serve you with honesty and integrity. We comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) in practice and the report presentation. To help you understan your appraisal options, we outlined the Three Levels of Appraisal recommended by USPAP for your reference. To sum up, a typical written appraisal report starts with an identification, description and visual analysis of your art work, followed by a proper ranking of the property among its equals in rarity, quality, rank of artist or workshop and condition, and closed by an analysis of the marketability of the propoerty in its most appropriate marketplace. We also comment on the value features shared by your property and its comparables, and the facts based reasonings for value recommendation. We aim to demystify Asian art appraisal, explain the valuation methodology in plain language, and help you achieve your goals in complete conformity with the law.

The scope of work determines the appraisal cost. The more you ask, the more expensive it gets. Our goal is to help you understand what you have, its market potential and your feasible options at the minimum cost.


The Restricted-Use Appraisal Report is for client use ONLY. It cannot be shared with third parties. This appraisal report is designed to meet the narrowly defined needs of the intended user of the report. Some parts of the report (including the appraiser's opinions and conclusions) may not be understood properly because the facts and analysis leading to the conclusion are not fully spelled out in the report. If you are considering having a general understanding of what you have and its potential value under no obligation to other parties, especially the federally regulated institutions, this level of appraisal may suit your needs.

A Restricted Use Appraisal is not recommended for insurance, tax-related purposes (capital gains, charitable contribution, estate tax, etc), dissolution of marriage or business, and bankruptcy, etc.. If your property is highly valuable and requires in-depth analysis, or if its ranking in the market and comparison to other objects are complex to determine, this may not be a good option for you.

To acquire this service, you need to make a full payment of the quoted appraisal fee to initiate our research. We prefer a certified check or money order payable to "WEI YANG ART, LLC" and mailed to 274 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ, 08540.


A Summary Appraisal serves people with standard appraisal needs. It is suitable for insurance purposes (coverage & claim), estate planning & distribution, marriage dissolution, Pre-nuptial agreement, and bankruptcy, etc.. A Summary Appraisal provides a reasonable amount of information in a form that can be shared with third parties, such as your insurance agent, lawyers, and estate executives. The appraisal cost varies, depending on the scope of research conducted and time needed to complete the assignment.

A summary appraisal is informative and educational. Our research on your property not only brings you expert knowledge of your art but also equips you to take command of taking care of your needs, whether you are working with an insurance agent, a divorce lawyer, negotiating with a buyer or gallery, or hiring an agent to represent you. We present our research on the cultural and historical background of your work, analyze its aesthetic quality, and the likely performance in its most appropriate market place. Information included in a summary Appraisal will enhance your appreciation of your property and achieve your goals with educated strategy and confidence. The inclusion of the most up-to-date market information on your property, comments on the recent sales of qualified comparables, the ranking of your property among its equals, and our recommendations for further actions are particularly valuable.

(Contents of a Formal Appraisal Report)

This appraisal is the gem of our professional consulting and appraisal services. It is comprehensive & informative, providing a great deal of information on the subject property and its marketplace. Most assignments in this category concern high-quality art not well attested in the usual sources: it might lack a track record in auction or sales, it might be difficult to document in the historical record, or the artist or workshop that created it might be hard to assess. The fee for a Self-Contained Appraisal varies, depending on the nature of the assignment, the scope of work, and the time needed to complete the assignment properly.

A Self-Contained Appraisal Report prepared by our Chinese art specialist is sufficient for the IRS's scrupulous review, if you are considering making a charitable donation to a non-profit institution for tax deduction. It also serves the practical needs of collectors and owners considering either a purchase or a sale. We are dedicated to serving as an alternative set of expert eyes, helping you judge the authenticity, rarity, quality, condition, age, value, and desirability of your property in the current art market.

A Self-Containted Appraisal Report serves the best collectors and owners of high-end art objects. It contains tremendous amount of information you need to appreciate or market your art work with the knowlege and confidence of an expert. It is particularly helpful if you are dealing with the complex art market or building up a high-end Chinese art collection. Information presented in the report helps you understand the nature of your art work, its cultural background, historical context, artistic aesthetics, craftsmanship and market desirability. We are willing to put our doctoral training in Chinese art, our specialiszed knowledge & language skills, and trained research ability to work to provide you the information you need, the guidance you seek and the advice you desire for acquisition or sale.

How to Select from the Three Levels of Art Appraisal

Before selecting one of the three appraisals (Restricted Use, Summary, and Self-Contained), you first identify your needs and consider your ultimate goals for commissioning an appraisal. The three options differ in the amount of detailed information provided and the intended use of the report. If you need assistance, please Contact Us, we are happy to help you choose the level of appraisal that works best for you.

The essential difference that separates the Restricted-Use and Summary appraisals from a Self-contained appraisals is the level of detail or information presented in the report. A Restricted-Use Appraisal"states" the basic information relevant to the subject propert, serving art owners with a limited goal and modest budget. A Summary Appraisal "summarizes" important details in a concise manner, serving art owners with general appraisal needs such as insurance, sale, consultation, etc. A Self-Contained Appraisal "describes" the subject property and discusses its valua conclusion in depth as compared with the other two options. IRS requires a Self-Contained appraisal for all tax-related purposes. Serious art collectors benefit tremendously from the expertise and knowledge presesented in the appraisal report.

Remember, the scope of work for completing an assignment determines the appraisal cost. The more information you request, the more expensive the appraisal is. Therefore, identifying a specific or narrow appraisal need, such as insurance or sale, NOT BOTH, prior to commissioning an appraisal will certainly cut down the cost.

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We are willing to consider a discounted collection rate in the form of flat fee if your art collection is big and sophisticated. We welcome any research challenge. The appraisal fees reflect the nature of your collection, the scope of work, and time required for completing the research and composing the report. A customized appraisal package intends to satisfy the needs of the owner(s) of various art objects. Request for this appraisal package, if you have a collection of mixed Asian art objects, including, but not limiting to:


We never hesitate to invite other experts to join us for a thorough investigation of your collection if necessary. Our research team consists of highly trained and dedicated Japanese art and Korean art specialists, and we are always ready to engage other Asian art specialists if necessary. Once we understand your concerns and objectives, we will help you figure out an appraisal plan that is specifically designed for you and your collection. Before we make a formal proposal, we will discuss your appraisal needs and the merits of our customized appraisal services. Details in our proposal will include appraisal approach, inspection options, fee estimate, payment structure, a tentative completion schedule and delivery method. A retainer is required to initiate our research.


We assist you with your research project at all levels, if you need professional assistance with a specific artist or piece of art work, or identification of artist, name seals or inscription. We are highly trained art professionals and research is our strengh. Our qualifications are unmatched in the field. We have the highest degrees in the field (Ph.D in Chinese Art, Chinese History and Religion), specialized research training, over 25 years of hand-on experience with Asian art work of various categories, and a deep understanding of Asian art aesthetics, traditional techniques and connoisseurship. In short, we are well-trained art professionals in the field for both academic research and professional art consulting & appraisal services. Our consultation fees are determined by the nature of an assignment, the scope of work required, and the rank of researchers involved as well as the schedule of completion. A retainer is required to engage our art consulting services.

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We NEVER try to sell you services you do not need. You pay ONLY for the appraisal or consulting services suitable to your needs.We will recommend services to you based on the information you provide and your goals. Our job is to help you appreciate your art work, understand it, take care of it, and make an informed decision based on our appraisal. We are willing to run extra miles to help you by including as much information as possible in the report. For example, if a Consultation Appraisal for Sale is necessary, our report will first discuss the current art market, then direct your attention to the most appropriate marketplace of your art work for sale. By commenting on the marketability of your art work, we help you architect a practical marketing strategy for sale.

We help you realize your vision and achieve your goals at the minimum cost. Although a thorough research or investigation of your property demands tremendous time and energy, we are considerate in make an appraisal budget estimate. We adopt a reasonable approach to the fee estimate based on the scope of work required, the materials involved, and the complexity of the assignment.

If you are not certain what appraisal to commission or what you own, you should start with a Preview. After reviewing three or four photos of your art work (front, back, and a close-up of inscription or mark), our art experts will tell you HONESTLY if your property merits an appraisal or not. Please DO NOT include the photos in the email body but send as an email attachment for a better view. If your property is of some market appeal, we will make recommendations based on the quality of your art work and your appraisal needs.

Remember: You don't have to be an art expert before you contact us--otherwise you probably would not be seeking a professional art appraiser in the first place! Our Asian art specialists are happy to help you figure out your appraisal needs and recommend a suitable solution.

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We provide art appraisals that serve a wide range of purposes, including insurance, charitable contribution, estate distribution, dissolution of marriage, equitable distribution, pre-nuptial agreement, consultation for acqusition or disposition, and bankruptcy. Our art appraisal will provide the essential information and documentation you need to achieve your goals.


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