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Asian Art Consultation

Our Asian Art Specialist (Ph.D. in Chinese art, M.A. in Asian Art, Accredited Senior Appraiser of Asian Art & Appraisal Review and Management) provides our clients with the following customized consulting services. Consulting fees vary from one assignment to the other. The proposed fee is based on the complexity of the assignment and a careful caculation of the time required for completing the research.

General Asian Art Consulting covers:

1. All-purpose Asian art consultation.
2. Deciphering an artist's signature or a seal.
3. Translation of an artist's signature or a seal.
4. Advice on the mounting style of a specific painting.
5. Advice on the restoration or repair of a damaged Asian art object.
6. Translation of an inscription (normally the title, date, and signature).
7. Brief biography of the artist in question.
8. Translation of a poetic inscription or marking.
9. Conducting in-depth research on an artist or an art work.
10. Advice on managing an Asian art research project, including a basic bibiliography for the research.
11. Seminars and lectures on Chinese art and connoisseurship.

Consultation for Chinese Art Collectors include:

1. Advice on whether to buy/sell a Chinese art object.
2. Advice on documenting or cataloging a Chinese art collection.
3. Advice on communicating with an artist, including writing one formal letter in Chinese to the artist.
4.Advice on where to sell an art object and selling strategies.
5. Market analysis of the performance of the artist or an art object in question.
6. Advice on developing a unique art collection.
7. Market research (information on specific auction house, collections and museums, etc.).
8. Conducting thorough research on an artist and his works.
9. Acting as a retained consultant and helping the owner deal with art agents, artists, galleries or officials.

Pre-Purchase Consultation emphasizes:

1. Market analysis of the performance of the artist in question.
2. Basic biography of the artist.
3. Fair market value of the art object.
4. Advice on the price range for an art work.
5. Advice on other art related issues.

Benefits of A Well-Defined Art Collection

  • A well-defined Chinese art collection reflects your unique aesthetic taste.
  • An analytical art catalogue identifies the strength and the weaknesses of your Chinese art collection.
  • A carefully-documentation helps you maintain an adequate level of insurance coverage.
  • An up-to-date art appraisal allows you to insure your Chinese art collection in the most approriate and cost-effective manner.
  • An up-to-date assessment of each work allows you to take advantage of opportunities for good investment.
  • A carefully documented catalogue with provenance allows you to either complete your estate planning or prepare for taxation when necessary.

Features of a Strong Chinese Art Collection

Building up a strong art collection demands expertise, professional training, and knowledge of the market. Hiring a qualified professional to document your art collection is necessary.  A high-quality strong Chinese art collection should possess the following features:  

How to Order Our Art Consultation Services

1.Contact Us with your questions. Send us any visual materials you may have about the art object, or the artist in question.We are happy to make a proposal that addresses consulting fees, payment structure, and completion schedule.

2. Be specific about what you want us to do regarding your art object. (For example, "Deciphering an artist's signature or a seal.," or "Brief biographical information about the artist.") A detailed request will be very helpful.

3. Payment: If our budget proposal is acceptable, please send a personal check or money order made out to WEI YANG ART, LLC located at 274 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 to initiate our services. Making payment via PayPal to contact@weiyangart.com is available.

4. After receiving your payment, your requested information will be sent to you via either e-mail or USPS depending on our agreement.

Quality, Honesty and Transparency

We are Asian art specialists with experience and integrity. Quality, honesty and transparency are our most important values.  We NEVER mislead you, and we will never ask you to pay for services that are unnecessary for achieving your goals. Our job is to provide you with objective advice at the minimum cost. We are completely honest about the art you own and its likely performance in the current art market. The written reports we prepare are based on thorough research on the history, style, and artistic background of your art, as well as the recent performance of similar objects on the current art market.

We are transparent in providing high-quality professional services at a minimum cost. If you need an art appraisal, we state what you can expect in a written report, explain the way we figure costs, and ask for your approval before we begin research. We insist that you understand the consulting or appraisal process before committing to it. We are happy to answer any questions about the assignment.  We are often able to extend a discount for appraisal of multiple objects of a similar style.

Please Contact Us, or call us at (609) 688-6891, if we can be of any professional assistance to you.


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