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We are Asian art consultant and appraisers with unmatched credentials, experience and integrity.  We are completely honest about the art you own and its likely performance in the current art market. Our job is to provide you with objective advice and help you make an informed decision. The written report we prepare is based on an adequate research on the history and artistic merits of your art, as well as the recent performance of objects of compatible features at their appropriate markets. We never mislead you, or ask you to pay for services that are unnecessary.

We serve the public with respect, competence and objectivity. Before you commission an appraisal, we encourage you to start with an informational Preview of your property to determine its suitability for appraisal. If your property merits an appraisal, we will discuss your appraisal needs, identify a proper type of value that serves your intended use, make an appraisal propose for your approval. We insist that you understand the appraisal procedure and the cost before committing to it. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our consulting and appraisal services. 

How to Order Appraisal

Step 1: Contact Us for a preview. Please send us 3 or 4 photos of your property (front, back, base, inscription, signature, seal or mark) for review. A preview aims to shed light on the suitability of your property for appraisal. It is NOT an online appraisal. It is NOT an authentication. Our preview comments are our personal opinions and conclusions based on which we form our preview recommendations.

Step 2: Identify your appraisal need and choose a type of appraisal. The appraisal cost is determined by the scope of work necessary to complete the assignment. In other words, the more information you ask, the more expensive an appraisal is. To be cost-effective, please focus on ONE appraisal need (sale consultation, insurance, estate taxation, charitable contribution or capital gains, etc.), since every appraisal need calls for a specific value conclusion and differenct research approaches.

A Restricted appraisal might be sufficient for sale or purchase advisory, or curiosity, if you only need identification and value conclusion for your own use. If you wish to share the document with third parties, an appraisal is appropriate for insurance claim or settlement, dissolution of marriage, pre-nuptial agreement and bankruptcy, taxation purposes, such as charitable donation, estate tax, capital gains, etc..

Step 3: Choose an inspection method. For a credible appraisal, a proper inspection of your property is recommended. Option 1: Coming to Princeton, NJ is ideal (by appointment). Option 2: Shipping the property to Princeton with a prepaid return label is cost-effective. Option 3: An inspection via high quality digital photos is permissible, with limitations. Option 4: On-site inspection is available only for a sizable collection or by request. The on-site inspection cost includes travel expenses and per diems for two appraisers. No matter what inspection method you adopt, the bottom line is to make sure that the inspection is adequate and the credibility of the appraisal is intact.

Step 4: Sign agreement and pay a retainer to engage our services. Once you approve our draft proposal and wish to proceed, you will receive a formal engagement letter detailing the appraisal procedure, fees and payment, terms and conditions for your final approval.

Step 5: Make final payment. After the report is completed, you will receive an email notice for the final payment.

Step 6: Receive the report. After the final balance is paid in full, you will receive a hard copy of the appraisal report via USPS priority mail in 2-3 weeks after inspection. A faster delivery method is avialble at your cost.

How We Estimate Appraisal Cost

The appraisal cost is determined by the scope of work necessary to complete the assignment. We adopt either a flat fee or hourly rate approach in our budget proposal. For most assignments, the proposed appraisal cost is final once we enter a flat-fee agreement. For litigation support, we follow the industry's billing standards by billing at our expert's hourly rate. Anticipating the risk of answering questions quickly based on insufficient data and research, we insist on working prudently, diligently and efficiently to get the job done right.

We are sensitive to your financial obligations. Before we propose an appraisal fee estimate, we weigh carefully the scope of work necessary and time needed for completing the assignment properly. We recommend the most cost-effective option to our clients for consideration, including the option of working with local art professionals. Our appraisal fee estimate usually reflects the minimum cost for our experts to offer quality services suitable to your needs. On some cases, we may spend more time and resources than we anticipated. However, we wouldn't cut corners in our research or provide less information in our final report. Our appraisal report complies with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) adopted and promulgated by the Board of Standards of The Appraisers Foundation. We rigorously follow the code of ethics for professional appraisers (American Society of Appraisers) in our practice.

We offer quality Asian art consulting & appraisal services at an affordable rate. We investigate critical information relevant to your artwork before we arrive at a value conclusion. We take pride in the kind of research we conduct, the information we provide and the quality of our art appraisal report.

Our Asian Art Experts are happy to help you achieve your goals. Have questions about Asian Art? Need professional Chinese Art Consultation for your collection? Need Art Appraisal for your art objects? Want to know more about the Asian Art Market? Want to know Where and How to sell your art objects ? Let our art specialists help you meet your Asian art consulting and appraisal needs.

How to Pay for Appraisal

We prefer a personal check, bank check or money order made out to Wei Yang; Making payment via PayPal is also available. Wire transfer is an alternative, please Contact Us if you need assistance.

We do not accept foreign personal checks. International clients are required to make payment via wire transfer or PayPal.

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